A Simpler Way to
'Sell Like Krazy' and Grow

It's easy to get captivated and thrown off track with all of the latest fads; like running ads on Instagram or Facebook. Learning how to shoot and post videos; or writing blog posts 5-times a week, and then learning how to build a tribe, and so on...

"Ain't nobody got time for that ... Right?"

Quite honestly, most of you don't need to be doing do half of the crap you're doing now. Much of it is disguised to convince yourself that you're making progress; but in reality, it's only busy work, and it's not going to get you anywhere anytime soon.

Truth is, there's 'no secret sauce' that'll make your biz grow like crazy, but...

There are simpler things you can implement this week that'll have your revenues and profits soaring.

But ... I must warn you.

It's not shiny and glitzy like all of that slick new marketing stuff you hear about everyday. In fact, many would consider these 'simpler things' to be both boring and uninteresting. But you'd be mistaking if you dismiss it.

For example ... How would your business benefit from having 18,000+ new leads in your database this year?

And when I use the term leads, I don't mean just any 'ole Dick, Tom or Sally. But of actual people who've landed on your website and filled out a form for you to actually reach out to them?

Imagine that. People you don't have to chase down and convince them to speak with you. 

In the screenshot below, you'll see there are 18,192 leads in our database. We did not have to speak with any of these 18K people to get their contact details...

By the time these folks arrived to our website, they were filling out a form on our website to get and request additional information about our product/services.


Once they're in our database, and depending on the form they filled out, they're automatically sent additional e-mails containing super valuable information about the 'subject matter' they inquired about.

We call this a 'nurturing' campaign, whereby the 'lead' receives a series of emails, tutorials, or white papers that are designed to educate and inform.

These types of campaigns will typically position you as the 'obvious choice' when the 'lead' is ready to take the next step.

Throughout the series of these e-mails, the leads are prompted to take the next logical step in the progression.

For example, your desired result may be for them to schedule an appointment to visit your office. If that's the case, every action taken after they've filled out the form is designed to get them to schedule that visit.

In this database, we're able to see how many links these leads clicked on; we're able to see how many pages they've read (along with what they've read), and how often they came back and forth to the website.

If a lead has a lot of activity, it may make sense to pick up the phone and call them.

The problem is in this day and age, a lot of business owners want to hide behind a computer and let the 'Internet' do all of the work. Nobody wants to 'sell' anything anymore.

If you want to sell more of your products, services, membership, etc., you must be willing to get on the phone and close the deal.

Our clients  see astronomical results because they leverage data and technology to close more sales.

When the software alerts you to 'busy activity' based on parameters set by you, it's time to get on the phone so you can close this sale.

Something I didn't mention earlier is this...

After visitors filled out the forms on our website for reports, white papers or tutorials, we routed them to a survey so we could learn more about their wants, desires, fears, and goals.

With the information gathered from the surveys (and we do live telephone interviews too) we were better able to address their needs and sell them on our services.

In the screenshot below, you'll see that over 6,000 people filled out the survey and gave us in-depth answers that allowed us to create the best content, reports, additional products and services based on their feedback and needs.


Here's a screenshot of answers from a person who filled out a survey on our website (I had to blot out some of the information to keep it private). As you can see, they'll tell you exactly what they want from you.


Over 6,000 people gave provided us with all of the details we need to better address their concerns and/or needs ... Based on all of the data gathered from 6,000 real people, we were able to create specialized products, services and coaching programs.

Imagine how quickly you can become the authority in your niche when you have data like this from real people? Imagine the insight you get from your customers when you ask them.

You don't have to guess and figure this stuff out. They'll tell you everything.

Get insight into things like:

  • Where did buyers begin their search for a solution like yours
  • What type of content to create to attract buyers to you (and where to place it)
  • What 'thing' triggered their search for a solution like yours
  • What did they like (or didn't like) about the competition
  • Who were the other competitors they considered
  • Who is the person or the department responsible for finding a solution
  • The process (or research) they went through to find a solution (that got them to you)
  • What did they do to narrow down their choices & options
  • Who else is involved in the decision making process

We've been doing this for years and have literally generated millions of leads from real people. We'd love the opportunity to work with you to implement this in your business. If you're interested, simply click the button below.


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